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24h JoyceWalks

24h JoyceWalks was an international participatory art project which staged JoyceWalks in multiple cities throughout the world over a 24 hour period individual walks to celebrate Bloomsday 2008. Walks took place in 39 cities worldwide.

Participants used the Joyce Walks website to remap routes from Ulysses to their chosen city in the world, Joyce Walk in Sao Paulo and create a map which guided them on their walk, walks could be (or not) documented and shared using the mashup generator to create a record of each walk which was saved in a searchable database and with each mashup being embeddable in any webpage.

The project is not only a celebration of Bloomsday, facilitating users to re-enact scenes from Ulysses in the tradition of Bloomsday in Dublin (differing in the crucial aspect that these walks can take place in any city in the world and are not limited to the streets of Dublin), but also acts as a tool - based on the Situationist Dérive- to navigate urban space in a new and unexpected way,Joyce Walks creating a day of psychogeographical exploration with multiple interventions in 24 hours across the globe. Joyce Walks seeks to reframe the everyday act of walking in familiar streets by overlaying a virtual layer of meaning onto real space enabling the user to create temporary location based interventions and temporary social spaces which tactically insert themselves into the urban environment allowing users to inscribe a new set of meanings onto the very fabric of the city. While each walk, being contingent on a unique set of social and spatial conditions, is unique to it's creator or creators it also forms part of a continuum with each walk generated, performed and documented creating a single collaborative artwork.

Click here to view a small gallery of Joyce Walks.