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Joyce Walks Help

At the moment we are experiencing trouble with internet explorer, we hope to remedy this soon but in the meantime we recommend Firefox

Joyce Walks is a psychogeographical tool which uses Google Maps to generate walking maps based on routes from James Joyces Ulysses in any city in the world.

Create a Walk
To create a walk firstly select the city you would like to create your walk in, to do this simply enter the city name in the text area and press select. For most cities the city name is sufficient eg Paris but sometimes it is neccessary to put the city name and the country name eg Paris, France.

Select a Centre Point
Once you select a city the map will display the city with a marker. To map your walk you need to choose a centre point for the city, this is done by dragging the marker to where you think the centre of the city is. Once you have selected press the Select This Centre Point button.
Choosing the centre point ensures an almost infinite variability in the walks even when they are the same route in the same city.

Select a Route
Once the centre point is selected the map centres on your centre point and you are invited to select a route from a drop down menu. Each route is based on the text of a chapter of James Joyce's Ulysses. Please click here for a chapter by chapter summary of Ulysses. Once a route is selected the route will be drawn onto the map. Clicking on the markers will open an info wondow which displays an extract of relevant text and a video of that particular location in Dublin. At the moment there are three chapters available and new chapters will be added over time.

Adjusting your Walk
In case the route is mapped onto inaccessible areas each point of the walk is adjustable simply by clicking on it and dragging it to a different location.

Naming your Walk
Give your walk a name you'll remember so that you can document it later.

Share your Walk
If you would like to invite other users to share your walk select a date for your walk from the calender and use the about this walk text field to tell them about yourself, the walk and even link to your blog.

Save your Walk
Click the save your walk to save your walk. Your walk will be saved to the database and can be accessed and documented at a later date by using the Findwalk facility. Once your walk is saved you will be automatically brought to the print your map page.

Print your Map
Print out your map in landscape format, this is what you'll use for the walk.

Documenting your Walk
We encourage everyone to document each point of their walk with photographs and /or videos. This doesn't have to super high quality, use your mobile phone or digital camera. We have found a 360 video made using the video feature of a compact digital camera to be very effective but there is no set formula, it's your walk have fun with it.
To document your walk first use Findwalk to find your walk then press the Document It button which will bring you to the documenting page. Once here paste urls from flickr photos or youtube videos into the text entry fields for each point from your walk. When you're finished click submit and then view your walk. The videos and image will be automatically built into a mashup of your walk saved to the database.

Flickr & YouTube
We only accept links for image from Flickr and for videos from Youtube these are both free and easy to use services. For flickr grab the url for the medium size and for Youtube grab the url (this is in the form )

Link to your Walk
Click the Link to the Walk button to get the code to embed the walk mashup in a webpage or use the walk's unique URL to link directly to the walk.

Supported Browsers
Joyce Walks is optimised for Firefox at 1024X768 screen resolution, but is compatible with all popular browsers.